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Friday, December 2, 2016

My Space on the Interwebs

In 2012 I began this crazy journey of off-roading, jeep modification, adventuring and exploring.  It's been such an amazing journey and my life will never be the same as a result.

I have stories and photos of great trails, amazing people, mechanical failures and of course, getting stuck.  I've changed the modifications on my black Jeep twice and am working on building a second one.  As a result I have a huge list of parts that I love and some that I hate.  I have an excellent collection of adventure and safety gear with processes in place to make sure we never forget anything important.

Many of these things seems so intuitive to me now and it is strange to think that nearly 5 years ago I knew none of these things.  My husband has been telling me for quite some time that I needed to start a blog.  He has insisted that I have a great deal of knowledge that I need to share.  He reminds me often of what it was like as a newbie trying to find answers to the many questions I had.  Frankly, even though I have grown so much I still sometimes find it difficult to find "good" answers but I digress... perhaps that's a future topic for the blog.

So, here we are on the shiny new Crawler_Chick blog.  I have several goals for this blog and they are as follows:

  1. Continue the tradition I started on Instagram.  I will be sharing tales of my adventures to go along with all those photos I post so often.
  2. I will be documenting the build of my gecko green Jeep - I will be taking this Jeep to the 2017 Rebelle Rally.
  3. I will provide educational tidbits here and there about anything I feel knowledegable enough to talk about.  
  4. Safety and preparedness are near and dear to my heart so you'll probably see some of that too.
  5. Whatever I forgot to include in 1-4.
If you're not following me on Facebook and/or Twitter be sure to click those buttons at the top of the page and give me a follow.  It is much easier to promote new blog posts from those media outlets than Instagram.  

Thank you for joining me on this new writing stuff down journey.  It's a bit strange to me and I appreciate the support and encouragement.


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